08.06.2010 Permaculture Garden Update

Last month, we posted an update of the native garden. This time we are taking a look at the permaculture garden in the quad. Last month we had a garden maintenance day, and we are still having issues with Bermuda Grass. In a future meeting, we should discuss possible solutions to this ongoing problem.

Commemorative plaque Epilobium canum (California Fuchsia)

Nevertheless, there is still a lot going on in the garden. Looking closely, wildlife can be found. Here are some cool shots of a California Mantis, Yarrow’s Spur-throat Grasshopper, and even a Convergent Lady Beetle:

Stagmomantis californica (California Mantis)

Hippodamia convergens (Convergent Lady Beetle)

Melanoplus yarrowii (Yarrow's Spur-throat Grasshopper)
Courtesy Jason Carman

Another garden day will be planned for the near future.