08.22.2010 Vanishing of the Bees Documentary

Seeds of Change member Eric, has brought the Vanishing of the Bees to my attention, a new Colony Collapse Disorder documentary. Net Impact (Caltech) has proposed a joint movie screening with Seeds of Change.

A similar named documentary, Silence of the Bees, can be watched in full here and here. Both documentaries feature commercial beekeeper David Hackenberg. The difference, Dee Lusby is featured in the Vanishing of the Bees.

Another good documentary is Who Killed the Honey Bee. This film shares some the same footage with Vanishing of the Bees and covers the most current information on CCD. The full documentary can be watched here (note: it may require you to download a plug-in).

On the topic of Apis mellifera (Honey Bee), my uninformed neighbor had a bee swarm land on her Quercus chrysolepis (Canyon Live Oak). She contacted Los Angeles County Vector Control, resulting in a bee exterminator spraying pesticides on to the swarm and the trunk of the oak tree. The only things left were the dead bees and this sign:

Honey Bee Danger Sign
Courtesy Jason Carman