09.22.2010 Meeting Tuesday, Sept. 21 Recap

Thank you to Ashley who came by at the meeting today.

-For more information about the Energy Service Corps, contact Ashley: ashley@energyservicecorps.org
-Energy Service Corps meetings are Th 12-1 @ the ampitheater.

Today our discussion were based on the following:

Permaculture Garden:
-Soil Donation
-Soil Preparation
-Gardening Supplies
-Herb Spiral
-Raised Beds
-Sand - landscape for pathways

Signs will be made from donated sheets of fiber, thanks to Maggie, one of the new members of Seeds of Change. We will be making signs to let the students on the PCC campus more aware about Seeds of Change.

Fashion Recyling Show
Local-made Currency - based on the video we watched today

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Winessa Nartia (Treasurer S.O.C.)