10.30.2010 October 19, 2010 Meeting Recap

Donations from Kellogg Garden Supplies:

  • With the donations from Kellogg Garden Supplies, we will have enough resources to start our community vegetable garden.
  • It was proposed in the future to use excess resources to create new gardens on campus.
  • On Saturday October 23, 2010, we will be reviving the permaculture garden in the Quad. The event will be held between 9 am to noon.

Storage of donated supplies:

  • It was proposed that we either cut the amount or space out the deliveries of donated materials as we don’t have enough space to store it all at once.
  • A big thanks to David for his dedication on starting the first community garden on campus.

Seeds of Change Club Banner:

  • We discussed what to put on our recycled fabric banner.
  • One of the ideas was to use club members hand prints to make an interesting scene to make it personal and an interesting art piece.

OMD Carnival:

  • We decided to be a part of the Pasadena Carnival being sponsored by OMD and be a part of our community.
  • The carnival will be held on November 18, 2010 from 11am to noon.

The AS Sustainability Committee will be advising the cancellation of Pepsi’s exclusive contract.

  • The AS Sustainability Committee wants to promote a free market, which will allow several companies to compete on campus.
  • This would allow organic and vegan options on campus.

We will be working with the AS Sustainability Committee and students from PCC in creating a post-consumerism week in which we would show Avatar and organize a demonstration on one time use plastic bottles.

  • We discussed the last semester’s four day long clothing swap and the movie, What Would Jesus Buy?
  • We discussed other ways to reach more people on campus and in our community.

We watched a video of Alec Loorz.

We Need A Revolution. Nobody cares 50 years from now. Wants to transition our world to sustainability and get away from fossil fuels. Every generation needs a revolution. iMatter is our change, our revolution. Revolution.. Turn around: need to transform our value system. iMatter, a 1 million youth march.

You can watch the video at http://www.pccseedsofchange.com/2010/10/21/alec-loorz/.

We exercised the idea of bringing Alec Lorz to Pasadena City College..

  • We discussed the idea of streaming Alec live to high schools and internationally via the Internet.
  • We also had the idea of bringing 3 or 4 other speakers.
  • We held a vote in which 11 voted yes, 2 voted no, and 0 sustain in bringing Alec to speak at Pasadena City College
  • Alec will be having a march in May 2011.
  • We discussed possible dates (May or March?), but request to explore open dates with Alec.