11.22.2010 Earth Art (solar Eagle) Recap

The Earth Art event was a great success on Sunday. There are reports that about 1,000 people showed up. We spent the morning laying out thin solar panels and copper strips to form an outline of the solar eagle. Here below are some images from the event.

Earth Art PosterSolar Music

Several media outlets showed up to cover the solar eagle event.


Amber, a PCC Seeds of Change club member, was at the event coordinating and running around to get everything right.

PV CellsAmber

Rocks were collected from the park and were used to hold down the solar panels.

Laying down the  PV Cells

Even with the rocks, the gusts of wind still managed to blow some of the panels across the park, making it difficult to keep everything in place. We had less than one hour to have everything completed before the satellite flew over to take a picture.

Blow Away

A quick decision was to everyone to lay down on the panels to prevent them from blowing away.

Laying Down

The satellite took the picture and a helicopter flew over and started filming for 45 minutes. We did a bunch of crazy shots and had lots of fun.

Hands to the Sky

At the end, the solar panels were collected and the supplies were to be donated to a local art school.

PV Overview
Courtesy Jason Carman

Here is the satellite image from DigitalGlobe produced for 350.org.

Solar Eagle Sat Image
Courtesy DigitalGlobe

I wished the best of luck on the Earth Art tour.