01.21.2011 Trash in the Los Angeles River

LA River
Courtesy Jason Carman

Organic Garden Update Jan. 21

The cover crops are growing quickly and are surpassing the top of the raised beds. The wet winter is helping out tremendously. Hopefully in a few weeks, they will be mature and we can then work it into the soil.

Cover Crop

Garden Beds
Courtesy Jason Carman

Peak Oil Video

Native Garden Update Jan. 21

The native plant garden is doing well. The rain has allowed weeds to germinate and take off. We will need to have a weeding day and general maintenance. If we don’t keep the weeds in check, they can choke out the natives.

Native Garden
Courtesy Jason Carman

01.20.2011 Pcc Vists Cal Poly Pomona

Students from PCC recently visited Cal Poly Pomona and their regenerative studies program. They learned about permaculture and how to design smartly with using nature and not against it. They looked at passive solar water heaters, straw bale construction, rooftop gardens, and edible landscapes. Check it out below:

The Food Beds


Courtesy Jason Carman

01.10.2011 Student Garden Project

Patrick Thomas, a PCC student, brought to our attention his student project on campus. After we have been talking about native plants and the over use of grass on campus, he decided to plant a new native plant garden on campus.

It is amazing how we can inspire others to create changes.

New Native Garden
Courtesy Jason Carman