02.21.2011 Milagro Allegro Community Garden

I had the pleasure of taking a tour of Milagro Allegro Community Garden in Highland Park (100 percent organic garden). I personally would like to thank Oscar Duardo, Milli Macen-Moore, and Brenda Quintero for their tips and donation of seeds for our garden. I learned a lot from speaking with Brenda and she has graciously volunteered to help us out any way that she can.


They have an interesting and fair way to distribute plots. Every two years, a lottery is held and individuals whose name is drawn is either given a plot or given the privilege of continuing to use their plot. Individuals who live within several blocks of the garden are given three chances, then people who live in the community are given two chances, and people from outside the community are given one chance. Any plot that is not maintained gets put back into a drawing.


Winter Crops

Check out Brenda’s plot below. Unfortunately, she didn’t win the lottery.

Brenda's Plot

Urban Farming

Check out this cool tool shed and large free compost pile.


What is really crazy is the 6×12 plot blog (not shown here). They were able to harvest over 100 pounds of 100 percent organic vegetables and fruit from one plot.

Smells like food
Courtesy Jason Carman

Please visit Milagro Allegro Community Garden’s website.