03.05.2011 Hahamongna Walkabout Recap

The Hahamonga walkabout had a huge turn out. The problem arose that it was so successful that they had to split groups into smaller groups, which was an awesome sight.

I heard many stories of individuals saying that they didn’t know that Hahamonga existed and were unaware of the threats against it.

Tim Brick

ASPCC and PCC Seeds of Change rallied students last summer and spoke out against the building of soccer fields and a parking lot in Hahamonga. This would have destroyed precious wildlife habitat and devastating effects on water quality.

We were able to reduce the amount of soccer fields to one, unfortunately, unable to completely remove them all from the master plan.

Simple Beauty

Audubon Society

Recently, a new threat emerged against Hahamonga, the proposed sediment removal program. The plan would require 300 truckloads of sediment to be removed daily for 3 years, while destroying the native willows growing along the banks.

The argument is that there is a large buildup of sediment due to the Station Fire and it is necessary to remove the sediment for Devil’s Gate Dam structure integrity. Alternative solution is to allow the sediment to naturally flow down the Los Angeles River. Unfortunately, Long Beach does not want the sediment.

The Devil


Wild Life

Large turn out
Courtesy Jason Carman


Great Recap of this event! No problem to have several groups. The more the merrier!