03.19.2011 Over Coffee Interview

Here is the interview conducted by Dot Cannon, host of Over Coffee Radio Show, during club week. We covered challenges we overcame in the organic garden and projects that still need to be completed. Curl up with a cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy.

Compost Bin Construction Day 3

The Pasadena City College Compost Bin is finally completed. It awaits to be moved over to its final destination.

Finished Bin
Courtesy Jason Carman

03.15.2011 Urban Homestead

The LA Times, Urban homesteaders find ideal ground in Altadena, wrote about urban farming in the local neighborhood of Altadena. They focus on the Zorthian Ranch, were art and farming are mixed.

Zorthian Ranch has beehives, horses, goats, chickens, and llamas (which are owned by a friend).

Check out the photos at the LA Times Website.

Meeting Tuesday, March 15

Just a reminder that there will be a PCC Seeds of Change meeting tomorrow in E320 (not at the organic garden).

Same time: 12 - 1 p.m.

AND… Sorry to disappoint you, but we are not having a healthy food fest tomorrow.

We postponed it couple of weeks behind because I have a master plan for it!!! I DO, I DO!
I am just saving the good stuff for later.

SO… Keep coming to the meetings! he he he.

If you need to buy lunch first, or don’t get out of your class a bit later than 12, Please don’t feel weird for coming in late.


Best regards,
Maggie Lee :D

03.14.2011 Compost Bin Construction Day 2

Today, we got close to finishing the PCC Compost Bin. We still need to work on the drop down doors and top.


Putting on the Sides

Almost finished
Courtesy Jason Carman

UPDATE 3/15: Dennis sent some new photos, which you can see below:

Worm Bin Frame and Parts

The Bin and I
Courtesy Dennis Uyat

03.13.2011 Heal the Bay

The Pasadena City College Cross Cultural Center is organizing a volunteer opportunity to clean up the local beaches.

Please contact David Plunket at (626) 372-4634, for more information or to sign up.

Where: PCC Bonnie Avenue
Time: 8:00 am - 2 pm
When: April 16, 2011

Please bring a lunch and proper clothing.

Heal the Bay
Courtesy David Plunket