04.02.2011 Meeting Tuesday, March 29 Recap

Here are the minutes from March 29, 2011 meeting:

Solar Highways - building roads using solar panels

  • Using strong glass material that won’t shatter
  • Has LED’s to give helpful information to motorists.
  • Uses garbage bags mixed with compostable materials to create building materials
  • Eisenhower opened highway system in 1950’s.

Sustainability Week: April 25-28

  • Making reusable bags from old t-shirts.
  • seed balls demo
  • Stepping stones in organic garden.
  • Solar Ovens
  • Cal-Earth - Buildings out of dirt.
  • All natural, good insulation, concentric circles. plant materials for $2,500
  • Dirt film, Ted Talks, King Corn.
  • Butterfly Event on the 21st
  • Stone Making
  • Bag drive - replacing plastic for canvas
  • Oh Happy Days” Organic Food Market
  • Biomimicry

1-3 pm on Friday - Garden volunteering

Food Not Lawns” on YouTube

Local is the new organic

  • No packaging
  • Easy access
  • Maximizing yield
  • No pesticides
  • Solution to broken agricultural system
  • Havana, Cuba - Already past peak-oil phase and only sustainable country in the world.