04.02.2011 Garden Fridays 4/1/2011

We worked on making a new garden bed, No Joke.Check it out:

Building the back of the garden bed

We used two 2 by 12 lumber for the sides of the raised garden beds. Everyone wanted to give the hammer a swing. It only took a matter of minutes for us to build the sides. The lumber yard was nice to cut everything free of charge.

Building garden bed sideBuilding the back

Team Work

Building the other side

The raised garden beds are 3 feet by 7 feet. They are a pretty good size. We made them 3 feet wide since it maybe hard for students to reach into the center if it was any wider. We made it 7 feet long due to restrictions made by PCC.

Putting it all together

Nailing it togetherMore Nails

Even more nailsMaggie gets into it

Luckily we had a few volunteers to carry the assembled raised bed into the organic vegetable garden.

Moving the rasied bed

We measured out where to dig a trench which we would place the raised beds into. This allows the raised bed to be more stable once it is buried.


Dig digClean-up

More diggingPlacing the bed

Once the bed was leveled, we back filled the trench and filled the bed with compost.

New Garden Bed
Courtesy Maggie Lee and Jason Carman


Haha. It was super heavy! :)