04.18.2011 Birdhouse Bees Cutout

After a wonderful Backwards Beekeeping meeting, Kirk Anderson, Summer Spanton and I when to cut out the Birdhouse Bees. We gathered all of our gear and climbed up a steep hill. We suited up and got out our hive tools.

Kirk and the Birdhouse

BirdhouseBirdhouse Bees Closeup

Kirk noticed a lot of ants were going into the birdhouse. He carefully removed the roof of the birdhouse with a hive tool. The bottom of the box was littered with dead bees possibly due to being intentionally poisoned.

The honeycomb was all knocked down and was melted to the bottom of the birdhouse (someone possibly intentionally knocked the comb down).

Dead Bees

Everyone was disappointed, so we closed everything up and packed everything away. I hope Summer gets some bees.

Packing Up
Courtesy Jason Carman and Summer Spanton

Check out this video to learn more about Backwards Beekeeping:


I got some bees today! Will post some pics on fb and send you a link. Thanks for coming along the other day! Talk to you soon. :)