04.18.2011 Thursday: in Conversation with Julia Butterfly-hill and Daryl Hannah Event

This coming Thursday, the Pasadena City College Sustainability Committee will be hosting a talk with Julia Butterfly-Hill and Daryl Hannah. With the recent events in Aracadia and Hahamonga, it is more than necessary that we must protect our precious resources. Please come and join us.

Where: Pasadena City College (Campus Map)
Sexson Auditorium (C Building)
1570 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106
Time: 6:00 pm Doors Open
7:00 pm Main Event
When: Thursday, April 21, 2011

Julia Butterfly Hill
Courtesy ASPCC Sustainability Committee

Birdhouse Bees Cutout

After a wonderful Backwards Beekeeping meeting, Kirk Anderson, Summer Spanton and I when to cut out the Birdhouse Bees. We gathered all of our gear and climbed up a steep hill. We suited up and got out our hive tools.

Kirk and the Birdhouse

BirdhouseBirdhouse Bees Closeup

Kirk noticed a lot of ants were going into the birdhouse. He carefully removed the roof of the birdhouse with a hive tool. The bottom of the box was littered with dead bees possibly due to being intentionally poisoned.

The honeycomb was all knocked down and was melted to the bottom of the birdhouse (someone possibly intentionally knocked the comb down).

Dead Bees

Everyone was disappointed, so we closed everything up and packed everything away. I hope Summer gets some bees.

Packing Up
Courtesy Jason Carman and Summer Spanton

Check out this video to learn more about Backwards Beekeeping:

Earth Day at Milagro Allegro

Milagro Allegro hosted a garden open house and workday. Check out some pictures:

Milagro Allegro Banner

Earth Service DayTrimming the Mulberry Tree


Education Garden

Milagro Allegro Plots

Courtesy Jason Carman

04.17.2011 Public Meeting: Reducing Disposable Shopping Bags in Pasadena

The Environmental Advisory Commission is holding a public meeting on a recommendation to ban plastic bags, 10 cent charge on paper bags, and require stores to provide reusable bags.

We are asked to provide our input on the proposed ordinance. For questions, please call (626) 744-6729

Where: Pasadena City Hall
Council Chambers
100 North Garfield Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103
Time: 6:00 pm
When: Thursday, April 28, 2011

Public Meeting
Courtesy Environmental Advisory Committee

Pasadena Earth and Arts Festival Recap

The Pasadena Earth and Arts Festival had a good attendance with temperatures into the 90’s F.

Pasadena Earth Banner

Mayor of Pasadena, Bill Bogaard, give a speech about sustainability and the green city.

Mayor Bill Bogaard of PasadenaArroyo Seco Trail Maps

Charla, Pasadena City College Student, ran the Arroyo Time Bank’s “Free Market.”  Anything on the tables was free to take or swap. Arroyo Time Bank allows people to swap skills (ie I will teach Backwards Beekeeping in exchange for having my home painted) or items.

Arroyo Time Bank

Wilson Lau and Tim Martinez (check out Videos From the Hahamongna Walkabout) were at the Arroyo Seco Foundation table. We talked about the current state of Hahamongna Watershed and the recently required environmental impact report. They gave us some  free packets of California Poppies seeds. We were told about a new organization called Urbanwild Network, that we had to check out next.

Arroyo Seco Foundation

Urbanwild Network is an organization that was formed after the incident in Arcadia with the county cutting down the oak trees to remove sediment. They are still in the organizing stage and not well established yet. Hopefully, they will become a big organization like Arroyo Seco Foundation.

Urbanwild Network

We met with Northeast Los Angeles Transition who recently hosted Dr. Ling’s lecture on shifting our approach to sustainability issues. We are invited to the free screening of The END of SUBURBIA: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream, which will on Saturday, May 7, 2011. The potluck starts at 6:30 pm and the movie starts at 7 pm, followed by discussion.

NELA Transition

We talked to the Pasadena Community Garden Project, which are in the process of opening Pasadena’s first community garden. They are closing a lease on a property and hope to have the garden up and running by the end of the year. They will one of the organizations that will be at Sustainable Living Week, which will be held between April 25th to the 28th, the Pasadena City College quad. Please visit their table during the event to learn more.

Pasadena Community Gardens

Check out Pasadena Community Garden’s previous plans:

Old garden plans

We stopped by the Fair Trade Pasadena table and met with Emily Fernandez. She was promoting the first fair trade store in Pasadena called, Moka Cafe. For those who don’t know what fair trade is, it requires farmers to be paid fair wages and that all workers should be treated fairly. It insures human rights for producers in countries that otherwise would be exploited. They are hoping that more stores will move to fair trade.

Fair Trade Pasadena

Fair Trade Pasadena and C.I.C.L.E. are teaming up to host a Taste of Fair Trade bike ride (part of Bike Week Pasadena) on Saturday, May 21st. Check out C.I.C.L.E.’s website for more information.

Bike Week Pasadena

We next stopped by City of Pasadena Sustainability Affairs and had an interesting talk with Ursula Schmidt, about sustainability issues in Pasadena College. She informed us of a public meeting with the Environmental Advisory Commission on the reduction of disposable shopping bags in Pasadena. Also, a meeting on the Pasadena master plan will be held at Pasadena City College in the Creveling Lounge. Both will be posted on PCC Seeds of Change website.

We had a long dialogue with Elise Jackson, Arroyo Seco Program Coordinator for Parks and Natural Resources Division, about the soccer fields plan from last year, Pasadena City College’s role in the Arroyo Seco, and the planed sediment removal program.

Pasadena Parks and Natural Resources

We headed over to the Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) display and tables. We talked with Robert Thompson, Customer Relationships, on how PWP and Pasadena City College could work together on different energy topics.

PWP Cars

PWP had a solar panels on display and their current status on the Pasadena Solar Initiative. Pasadena Solar Initiative is only generating 2,211 kW out of 14,000 kW goal by 2017.

Solar Goal

We bumped into CALPIRG, a PCC club which is dedicated to increasing energy efficiency at PCC and the surrounding communities. They host free movie screenings that deal with energy.

PCC Energy Service Corps

We networked with many organizations and a had a great time.

Courtesy Jason Carman

Steps for Change

The PCC Sustainability Committee, will be hosting a stepping stone creation event. Campus clubs are being asked to create a stepping stone that reflects their organization to be placed in the PCC Organic Garden.

Please contact Michael at ucc_macaf90@yahoo.com for more information.

steps for change