05.01.2011 Look Back at Sustainable Living Week

We appreciate all the organizations that came out and tabled for Sustainable Living Week. Also, a special thank you to Prof. Sharon Newman-Gomez for bringing the different types of solar ovens.Also, a thanks to everyone who volunteered and stopped by our table.


PCC Seeds of Change and Pasadena Animal Rights Coalition, provided interesting literature to students and staff members. We also informed on the potential plastic bag ban in Pasadena that would reduce the amount of plastic ending into our ocean.

PCC Seeds of Change

NELA Transition promoted the upcoming free public movie screenings and events about surviving peak oil (something that students are facing with the increase in gas prices).

NELA Transition

Pasadena Community Garden talked about the leasing of a property so that Pasadena could have its first community garden.  They plan to have it up and running by the end of the year.

Pasadena Garden

Marcos from Tree People, talked about the importance of greening public spaces using trees. He had a cool model about the rain cycle and how trees reduce runoff that leads down the LA River into the Pacific Ocean. Runoff is a major problem as it leads to algae blooms and anoxic events (killing wildlife).


Max Wong from Backwards Beekeepers, had some wonderful honey from Dee Lusby. Dee, like Backwards Beekeepers, do not treat their beehives with miticides and humanly raise honeybees.

Backwards Beekeepers

Phat Energy showed off the latest high efficient solar panels and talked about reducing your energy bill while going green.

Cal-Earth, had many models of dome houses and how their technology using soil, can build emergency shelters anywhere in the world. They also were promoting the building of the spiral herb garden at Pasadena City College on Friday.


Cal-Earth Closeup

Prof. Sharon Newman-Gomez and her son were out demonstrating cooking with solar ovens and a sand refrigerator which uses evaporation of water to cool.

Solar Ovens

Solar Gill

CoolerSeed Balls

We had a table dedicated to making seed balls and we made nearly 50 of them during the event, using 25 lbs. of clay.

Making Seed Balls

Student mixed California Poppies either with beans, zucchini, pumpkins, or melons.

Hands on

Students also had a table with a carbon footprint calculator and held a contest to find the lowest carbon footprint. The person with the lowest carbon footprint was given a prize.

Carbon Footprint Cal

We also had a clothing swap and filled a few tables of donated clothes. A thank you to all the clubs and students who donated clothing, to make it possible.

Clothing Swap
Courtesy Jason Carman