05.21.2011 Meeting Tuesday, May 17 Recap

Once again, we discussed the upcoming talk on May 26th. We also talked about the 3 upcoming documentary screenings and the possibility of free food at the events. Club members asked if we could continue the meeting out in the vegetable garden, so we headed outside.

Planting Seeds and Pulling Weeds

We planted some beans and herbs, including borage. We still pulled out some more pampas grass.

Preparing a new garden bed

We prepared a new garden bed, which we planted root type plants.


The tomato plants are coming along with clusters of flowers and fruit.

Japanese Eggplant

Soon, we will have some Japanese eggplants.

Tomatoes PlantsOakleaf Lettuce

Even though the lettuce is getting huge, they are going to seed.

Lettuce, kale, and Bok Choy
Courtesy Jason Carman