05.22.2011 Garden Fridays 5/20/2011

We accomplished a massive cleanup and reorganization of the garden. Also, since we have been blessed with a cool wet spring, we planted a few more seeds and plants. We also started some herbs for the herb spiral.

Planting Seeds

Several members added more straw to the planters since the plants are mature.


Spreading StrawGarden Tools

We also got rid of items that we would never use in the garden and re-stacked the lumber and bricks (which are re purposed from house remodeling projects).

Garden Cleanup

Students laid out the garden bed around the air vent.

Laying down bricks

Gloves  Courtesy Maggie Lee and Jason Carman


Eric Recchia on May 24, 2011 at 04:22

The garden is looking beautiful! Makes me so glad to see that. Great job everyone (and thanks for helping keep it going Jason, the website looks great too!!)