05.31.2011 Garden Fridays 5/27/2011

This last Friday, we finally had the Steps For Change event, which we made stepping stones for the vegetable garden.



Talking About Summer

MaggieMixing Concrete

Adam helped mix the concrete and added some iron oxide to give it a red color.

Adding Oxides To The Concrete

Club members and other campus clubs, created interesting designs in the stepping stones, giving each stepping stone an unique touch.

Makig Stepping Stones

Talking About GMO Foods

We are still having problems with the pampas grass, which requires weekly removal.


The lettuce and bok choy has bolted and is going to seed.

Lettuce, Corn, Bok Choy

The sunflowers are developing their heads and we can’t wait see them blooming.


The tomatoes are now bigger than a golf ball and are rapidly growing each day.


Falling Asleep
Courtesy Jason Carman and Sonya Henar