06.17.2011 Garden Fridays 6/17/2011

The organic vegetable garden is exploding with life. We saw some native bees and wasps pollinating the tomatoes plants. A few ladybugs were flying around us. Check out the photos below:



More Radishes

Corn Plants


Tomatoes on the Vine

Tomato Plants

Squash Plant with flowers

Courtesy Jason Carman

Pcc Garden Photo Essay

Check out this awesome video essay by James Quon on our organic vegetable garden:


06.13.2011 The Future of Saf Continues Wednesday

This coming Wednesday, the Board of Trustees will vote on the continuation of the SAF (student activity fee). The SAF is paid by every student at the beginning of each semester but students can the fee waived.

The SAF is used to fund the bus pass, club activities and other student related events. The SAF has been used to fund our garden projects, documentary screenings, In Conversation with Julia Butterfly Hill and Daryl Hannah, Think Before You Buy, and Sustainable Living Week.

Without the SAF, it will be very hard to get any (if at all) funding for events and student actives.

Please come to the Board of Trustees meeting this Wednesday and make you voice heard.

When: June 15, 2011
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Creveling Lounge (2nd floor CC Building)

Learn more at pcccourier.com and our website.


Join Dr. Ling O’Connor in discussion of healing our planet and body.

When: June 18, 2011
Time: 9:00 - 10:00 am
Where: 1911 N. Lake Ave, Altadena, CA (Map)

Courtesy Dr. Ling O’Connor

Garden Fridays 6/10/2011

This last Friday in the organic vegetable garden, we did the usual weeding and deep watering. Brenda, had the suggestion to space out the corn for optimum growing. We also checked out how the radishes and carrots are growing.

Radishes and Carrots

Brenda showed how to dig up the organic corn and transplant it in another spot.

Transplanting Corn

Students and club members came up with a plan which corn plants had to be moved.

Digging up the corn

Then, we got our hands dirty and quickly moved the corn.

Planting cornMoving the corn

We dug several holes before transplanting.

Digging Holes

This coming Friday, the status of the sunflowers will be posted on our website.

Courtesy Jason Carman

06.06.2011 Meeting Tuesday, June 07

Since last week was our last meeting of the semester, we will not meeting this week. I hope that everyone does well on their finals.

During the summer intersession, Garden Fridays will be on Mondays. I hope that everyone gets to check out the photos from last week at http://www.pccseedsofchange.com/