06.01.2011 Board of Trustees Meeting and Saf

Dear ICC Reps and Club officers,

At the last Board of Trustees meeting for PCC which was held on May 18th, some members of the Board were very vocal over the Student Activity Fee. What is this fee you ask? All students pay a $10 fee when registering for classes. This money goes into a fund which is used for the success and advancement of student activities on campus. The Metro I-pass which many count on, homecoming dances, and student movie nights are just a few of the successes of the fund. However this directly affects you in another way. The Student Activity Fee is what is used to fund clubs on campus. In the past, the clubs only had access to around $10,000 every year, which meant that clubs were only awarded hundreds of dollars. A year ago the Student Activity Fee was instituted and has increased the fund to upwards of $150,000. With this increase, clubs have been able to receive thousands of dollars in funding instead of hundreds.

As I said, some members of the Board of Trustees are unhappy with the Student Activity Fee, and they are talking about reducing/eliminating it. This Wednesday June 1, there will be another Board of Trustees meeting at PCC in the Creveling Lounge second floor of the student center at 6:30 pm. I urge all ICC reps and club officers to attend this meeting and speak out about how the Student Activity Fee has helped you. Otherwise, you may not receive any funding next semester.

Thank you
Nicholas Smith