06.05.2011 Garden Fridays 6/03/2011

The last Garden Friday, was a little laid back, then the events before. We came to the agreement to move the Garden Fridays to Mondays for the summer intercession. Also, we created more garden stepping stones, but this time, by students that have regularly been involved with the vegetable garden.

PCC Tomato plants

Clusters of tomatoes can be found all along the raised beds and the sunflowers are getting taller than the students.


The corn is getting bigger and the greens have gone to seed. Baby squash plants can be found under the sunflowers and corn.



The carrots and radishes have sprouted and are rapidly growing, therefore, may reach maturity during finals week.

TomatoesPulling Weeds

Students actively removed the pampus grasss and litter.

Solar Oven

We also had a long discussion about the solar ovens from sustainable living week and how every day items can be used to make one. Check out the process of making the stepping stones below:

Creating Summer Plans

Stepping Stones

Mixing Concrete

Setting up for more stones

Making Stepping Stones

Designing Stones

Stone Designs
Courtesy Jason Carman and Tim Martinez