09.02.2011 Organic Garden Visitors

During the first week of school, we had a few guests visit the organic vegetable garden. Check out the pictures below:

Possible New Member

We finally have Japanese Eggplants that are ripening.

Carrots and Japanese Eggplants

We had a special guest, Emily Kinner, Student Trustee of Foothill-De Anza College (near San Francisco) to learn how their school can implement some of the techniques that we have used in our garden. They are looking to make gardening a part of their college curriculum. We have a lot of the same goals in common and hopefully sharing more in the knowledge between each other in the future.

Emily Kinner

Here is a shot of a large Japanese Eggplant still on the plant.

large Japense Eggplant

Thanks to Lillian Wang, our new ICC rep, for deep watering on Friday.

Lillian Wang
Courtesy Jason Carman