09.04.2011 Solar Oven Cookoff

Cal-Earth will be having a solar cookoff on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011. It will be hosted by our Interim Club Advisor Sharon Newman-Gomez.

Solar powered chefs, with DIY home-made or commercial ovens, are invited to show up at this event (hosted by Cal-Earth alumni Sharon Newman-Gomez) after sunrise.

set up their outdoor sun-powered stations, cook a simple solar meal, and share midday results (including valuable solar experience) with our community. 

From the simple to the high-tech device, no solar cooking gadget is off limits! 

The purpose of this program is to encourage sustainable living, demonstrate a variety of solar cooking devices, share recipes and prep methods, and help Cal-Earth research what type(s) of solar cookers are best suited for Superadobe communities.

Source: http://calearth.org/newsletters/2011/2011-08.html

What: Solar Cookoff
When: Sept. 10, 2011
Time: Sunrise
Where: Cal-Earth Inc./ Geltaftan Foundation
10177 Baldy Lane
Hesperia, California 92345