10.09.2011 Garden Fridays 10/07/2011 Recap

We went up to the greenhouse to get all the used coir that was marked for the trash (it took 6 carts to get it all). Coir is a waste product from coconuts, environmentally friendly (unlike peat moss mining) and it’s used as a growing media. We mixed the coir with the soil in the raised garden beds to increase water retainability and overall height.

Afterwards, we made veggie wraps with fresh chard from the garden with red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and a white sauce. We even had a guest join us.



Greenhouse PlantsGreenhouse

cans full of coir

Filling up the garden beds


Swiss Chard

Making Veggie Wraps

Picking the chardGood Eats

Veggie Wraps

Guest with Veggie Wraps
Courtesy Jason Carman