11.27.2011 Chickens in the City

Chick City

Author talk by Patricia Foreman - Saturday Dec 10

Let’s be honest.  Raising chickens small-scale in an urban backyard is totally different than raising a huge flock on a farm.  We deal with other issues, specific to the city, like neighbors and dogs and small gardens and rodents.  Unlike all those farm books, “City Chicks” tackles those city and small-flock issues.

Come join us on Sat Dec 10 as we welcome author Patricia Foreman.  At this gathering you can meet other local chicken enthusiasts, plus people involved in the local Transition movement.

Patricia Foreman has kept poultry for over 20 years. Her experience includes operating a small-scale farm raising free range, organic layers, broilers and turkeys. She keeps a backyard flock of heritage chickens.  Pat is also the co-author of Chicken Tractor, Day Range Poultry, Backyard Market Gardening, and A Tiny Home to Call Your Own.

City Chicks explains that hens are not just utilitarian but fun and companionable.  City chickens can help build family and neighborhood bonds with grow-your-own food and bounty-sharing practices.  Locally produced nutritious food is key to community resilience.

Saturday Dec 10, 7pm (rain or shine)
Community hall of Holy Nativity
6700 West 83rd, Westchester / LA 90045

Source: Transition Los Angeles “Got Chickens? … Dec. 10” email to Seeds. 23 Nov 2011.