01.02.2012 Pasadena Lawn Removal

The Throop Learning Garden is hosting a Big Push day January 8, Sunday, 9-2 for anyone willing to work an hour or two to help us meet our deadline for the $3500 state turf removal rebate the following week.

We still have a large area to cover with cardboard and mulch and a mountain of mulch to move. Rain harvesting swales still need some gravel. Planting is just beginning and a general tidiness and weeding in the veg garden area is needed before inspection.

NELA Transition hosts this project and Throop Church members kindly provide workers with lunch at noon.

Bring gloves and a friend.

300 So. Los Robles at Del Mar.

Time Bank hours can be billed to NELA Transition or Throop Church.
Thank you

Source: NELA Transition “Help needed for Pasadena lawn removal rebate deadline, Sunday, January 8th, 9 AM to 2 PM” email to Seeds. 31 Dec 2011.