01.27.2012 Free Worm Composting Workshop

Day and Date —Sunday, February 12th
Time — 11am-12:30
Name — Worm Composting for the Garden
Sponsoring Group — Grow Native Nursery Westwood

Location Address — One Davis Avenue (at Davis and Constitution), Los Angeles, CA 90049 Directions http://rsabg.org/westwood?start=1

Additional event information — This is a free workshop and open to the public. Join Stephen Baldonado, horticulturist, garden designer and longtime worm wrangler to learn about one of the easiest methods for composting kitchen scraps and garden waste in this one-hour workshop.

No yard? No problem! Vermicomposting is perfect for apartment dwellers who want to cut down on their waste stream. A question and answer session and a tour of the Grow Native Nursery Westwood worm composting system will follow the workshop.

Held in conjunction with the Free Worm Tea Sundays attendees are welcome to take home free worm tea.

Internet link for more information –http://rsabg.org/westwood/705-worm-composting-workshop-feb-12 or Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/170265073079823/

Phone and Email — Colleen Wheeler, 424-234-0481 cwheeler@rsabg.org

Source: Yvonne Savio “2/12, 11am-12:30​pm, Worm Composting​, LA 90049” email to Seeds. 27 Jan. 2012