02.05.2012 Organic Garden 02/03/2012

Pasadena City College’s Organic Garden is full of life. The leeks that we transplanted in October are huge. The vines on our trellis are full of snap peas and beans. We have sunflowers blooming, heads of Amish Deer Tongue, and vines full of tomatoes (we are growing tomatoes in winter). The Swiss Chard are healthy.

Also, check the photo of our first batch of compost.

Organic Leeks

Orgnaic Snap Peas

MarigoldsOrganic Wheat

Amish Deer Tongue

Organic Fava BeansBorage Flowers

Organic Swiss Chard

Sunflower Blossom

Green Tomatoes in Winter

PCC Compost
Courtesy Jason Carman