03.23.2012 PCC Master Plan Recap

The master plan meeting focused on sustainability and the methods that we can use to improve the PCC campus. We had two great study sessions, where students, faculty, and staff members provided in depth and well thought out input on the ways that we can go green.

The main topics covered were:

  • improved bike storage
  • increased accessibility
  • encouraging other modes of transportation
  • traffic reduction
  • waste reduction
  • composting
  • power generation
  • water conservation
  • smarter/efficient buildings
  • natural light/sky lights
  • building design
  • food services
  • rain gardens
  • grey water systems
  • rain captured devices
  • reduction of turf, drought resistant species
  • California native plants
  • public transportation
  • rooftop gardening
  • and of course expanded campus edible gardens with academic components.

Everyone was terrific and the input was well received by the facilities administration. Follow up sessions will be announced.

Introductory to Sustainability at PCC

PCC Sustainability Projects

PCC Students Input

In Depth Student Involvement

Input on Sustainability
Courtesy Jason Carman