05.05.2012 Vegucated Movie Screening

A huge thanks to Winnie, PCC UNA-USA Student Alliance, Joseph Garcia, and the AS Campus Activities Committee for making our screening a huge success. All the food and beverages served at our event was certified organic from the local region and all the dishware was 100 compostable.

Around 100 students came and listened to our wonderful guest speaker, Milli Macen-Moor​e. Milli gave a wonderful talk about changes in her eating habits to eating vegetables and how it truly saved and changed her life.The audience had some wonderful questions for her.

By the end of our event, several students came up and told how have changed their life forever. They left inspired and it opened their minds to how their choices leads to massive effects on the whole.

Allison from UNA Volunteering

Joseph Entertaining the Crowd

UNA-USA Volunteering

The Large Crowd

Milli Macen-Moore Speaking About Eating Healthy

Milli Macen-Moore and the PCC Organic Garden