05.25.2012 Sustainable Living Week Part 2

Pasadena Department of Transportation provided information on alternative transportation, including the ARTS System and bike paths. They had exciting news that they are moving their fleet of buses to hybrids. Unfortunately, they were unable to find any reliable electric buses.

Pasadena Water and Power raffled off gift buckets (the items were in a water bucket) with low flow shower heads, faucet aerator, fluorescent bulbs (sorry no LED lights) dish wiper, emergency light, and other small goodies.

They also talked about the turf replacement program, where City of Pasadena will pay you to remove your grass from your yard and replacing them California native plants.Also, a solar initiative which they will install solar systems at your house, plus a bonus weatherization consult, to reduce your consumption.

 Arroyo Seco Foundation informed students on the threats to Pasadena’s waterways, including Hahamonga Watershed. Click here to check out this year’s walk about.

Fair Trade Pasadena talked about the recent movement of changing Pasadena to a fair trade town.Fair Trade prevents slave labor in third world countries, guarantees a fair wage for small family farmers, and follows ethnic standards. There is a local cafe in Pasadena that is 100 percent Fair Trade.

See-Go-Green is Pasadena City College’s newest environmental group. They held a e-waste drive that completely filled up their vehicles. By giving them your e-waste, they were able to divert dangerous heavy metals from entering our landfills, which may end up in our drinking water.

Department of Transportation

Pasadena Water and Power

Arroyo Seco Foundation

DIY Solar Power (photovoltaic)

Fair Trade

See-Go-Green E-Waste Drive

PCC Seeds of Change
Courtesy Jason Carman