05.18.2012 Real Food Challenge

05.14.2012 6th Annual Bike Week Pasadena

May 14th to19th is the 6th Annual Bike Week Pasadena. Join C.I.C.L.E and City of Pasadena for a week-long event promoting bike safely and alternative transportation.

Read all about it at: http://www.cicle.org/attend-an-event/bike-week-pasadena.html

Bike Week Pasadena
Courtesy Jason Carman

05.13.2012 PCC iBike

The PCC iBike’s “Bike into Summer Safely” event, give away 300 bicycle helmets to students and bicyclists.

A special thank you to Huntington Hospital for providing the helmets and ASPCC Sustainability Committee sponsorship.

PCC iBike safely check


Bike helmet fitting

Huntington Hospital

300 bicycle helmets

Live Band
Courtesy Jason Carman

05.12.2012 Garden Fridays 05/11/2012 Recap

We had a beautiful harvest this week of tomatoes, sunflowers, yellow onions, red onions, Swiss Chard, and Kale. Summer will be upon us hopefully with a beautiful harvest to go along with it.

PCC Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Courtesy Jason Carman

05.11.2012 Food Forward

05.06.2012 Garden Fridays 05/04/2012 Recap

The leeks are getting Huge and the tomatoes are turning bright red. We have some beautiful fava beans developing and bees are covering the Borage flowers.

Real Food

PCC Borgare

Organic Fava Beans