02.26.2012 Oxy Student Garden

We visited the student garden at the Oxy’s Urban and Environmental Policy Institute (UEPI). They have everything from chickens to a large composting program. Even, the tool shed is solar powered. Check out the UEPI blog.

Bruce Steele Garden

UEPI Student Garden

Oxy Chickens


Mini Greenhouse

Rainbow Chard

garden strawberries

Courtesy Jason Carman

02.05.2012 Organic Garden 02/03/2012

Pasadena City College’s Organic Garden is full of life. The leeks that we transplanted in October are huge. The vines on our trellis are full of snap peas and beans. We have sunflowers blooming, heads of Amish Deer Tongue, and vines full of tomatoes (we are growing tomatoes in winter). The Swiss Chard are healthy.

Also, check the photo of our first batch of compost.

Organic Leeks

Orgnaic Snap Peas

MarigoldsOrganic Wheat

Amish Deer Tongue

Organic Fava BeansBorage Flowers

Organic Swiss Chard

Sunflower Blossom

Green Tomatoes in Winter

PCC Compost
Courtesy Jason Carman

11.16.2011 2011 Fall Convergence - Day 2

On day 2 of the California Student Sustainability Coalition 10th Annual Fall Convergence, a broad range of topics were discussed. We focused on bringing fair trade food college campuses and creating a comprehensive recycling program. 

We took a tour of the Environmental Action Resource Center and the CSU Chico Recycling Center. The centers are all funded by selling back empty toner cartridges to the manufacturers. This diverts waste from the landfill and provides a reliable revenue stream.

All food waste is compost. Raw food is composted on-site at CSU Chico and cooked food is picked by a local commercial composting company. Even paper towels from the bathrooms are composted and all dishware is either compostable or recyclable.

We took a full tour of the full process from receiving to re-use. We learned what worked and the emphasis on the amount of time it takes to set up such an operation. Once it is running, it is very easily maintained.

Food and Mingle

Fair Trade Cal Poly

Fair Trade Group

Cal Poly Fair Trade Chocolate

AS Chico Sustainability Resource Center

Free Stuff

Recycling Program Book

Environmental Books

Waste Discussion

Introduction to College Recycling

Recycle Sorting chart

Waste Sorting Bins

Repurposing Waste

Toner is Gold


More Recycling Bins

Cardboard Bin

Bike Shop

Derrick Jensen
Courtesy Jason Carman

10.09.2011 Meeting 10/04/2011 Recap

We started a hot compost pile using the newly donated compost systems from Milagro Allegro. We alternated layers of brown and greens. We talked about the single-use plastic bag ban in Pasadena and the upcoming movie event at PCC.


Courtesy Jason Carman

Here is a how to video on composting:

03.19.2011 Compost Bin Construction Day 3

The Pasadena City College Compost Bin is finally completed. It awaits to be moved over to its final destination.

Finished Bin
Courtesy Jason Carman

03.14.2011 Compost Bin Construction Day 2

Today, we got close to finishing the PCC Compost Bin. We still need to work on the drop down doors and top.


Putting on the Sides

Almost finished
Courtesy Jason Carman

UPDATE 3/15: Dennis sent some new photos, which you can see below:

Worm Bin Frame and Parts

The Bin and I
Courtesy Dennis Uyat