03.10.2012 How-to Capture a Bee Swarm

Below is a video from Backwards Beekeeper (a Los Angeles organic beekeepers) on how to capture a bee Swarm:

11.27.2011 Chickens in the City

Chick City

Author talk by Patricia Foreman - Saturday Dec 10

Let’s be honest.  Raising chickens small-scale in an urban backyard is totally different than raising a huge flock on a farm.  We deal with other issues, specific to the city, like neighbors and dogs and small gardens and rodents.  Unlike all those farm books, “City Chicks” tackles those city and small-flock issues.

Come join us on Sat Dec 10 as we welcome author Patricia Foreman.  At this gathering you can meet other local chicken enthusiasts, plus people involved in the local Transition movement.

Patricia Foreman has kept poultry for over 20 years. Her experience includes operating a small-scale farm raising free range, organic layers, broilers and turkeys. She keeps a backyard flock of heritage chickens.  Pat is also the co-author of Chicken Tractor, Day Range Poultry, Backyard Market Gardening, and A Tiny Home to Call Your Own.

City Chicks explains that hens are not just utilitarian but fun and companionable.  City chickens can help build family and neighborhood bonds with grow-your-own food and bounty-sharing practices.  Locally produced nutritious food is key to community resilience.

Saturday Dec 10, 7pm (rain or shine)
Community hall of Holy Nativity
6700 West 83rd, Westchester / LA 90045

Source: Transition Los Angeles “Got Chickens? … Dec. 10” email to Seeds. 23 Nov 2011.

08.07.2011 The Edible Garden

We received this interesting email from Yvonne Savio.I hope every will check it out. We will be posting the dates for the Grow LA Victory Garden class.

Hi, All

Five of our Los Angeles County Master Gardeners are highlighted on the upcoming KCET special: The Edible Garden: Breaking Ground

  1. Armi Robles
  2. Florence Nishida
  3. Kwaku Annor
  4. Milli Macen-Moore
  5. Paul Ishii


  • Tue Aug 16 at 8:00PM on KCET
  • Tue Aug 16 at 9:30PM on KCET
  • Wed Aug 17 at 12:00AM on KCET
  • Wed Aug 17 at 1:30PM on KCET
  • Fri Aug 19 at 12:00AM on KCET
  • Fri Aug 19 at 12:00PM on KCET
  • Sun Aug 21 at 12:00PM on KCET
  • Sun Aug 21 at 5:00PM on KCET
  • Wed Aug 24 at 9:00PM on KCET

Here’s the link – Note the fabulous picture of Florence! http://www.kcet.org/shows/the_edible_garden_breaking_ground/the-edible-garden-breaking-ground.html

Here’s the basic introduction: Backyard gardens are sprouting up all over the country. Thousands of people are rediscovering the joys and benefits of growing their own vegetables. But if you’ve never put a spade into the ground where do you start? “The Edible Garden: Breaking Ground” takes you step-by-step through the basics.

Six expert gardeners will show you how they use sustainable methods to grow beautiful organic produce. They tell you how to size up your land and lay out your garden; how to create nourishing soil; how to decide what to plant; how to deal with pests without insecticides; how to water and harvest your crops.

You’ll see how gardens come in all shapes and sizes — big and small, on flat ground and slopes, in sun and shade, in containers and in community plots. Whether it’s eating healthy, getting in touch with nature or saving money, more and more would-be ‘green thumbs’ are joining what has been called the “grow-your-own revolution”.

Val Zavala hosts this informative program that inspires the backyard farmer in all of us.

Ciao for now

Yvonne Savio

Common Ground Garden Program Manager, University of California Cooperative Extension, Los Angeles County 4800 E. Cesar E. Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90022

05.20.2011 In Conversation with Julia Butterfly Hill and Daryl Hannah Video

05.01.2011 Garden Fridays 4/29/2011

We worked on building the spiral herb planter with a big help from Prof. Sharon Gomez. Also, a big thank you to Cal-Earth for supplying the earth bags. Here are the photos and videos of how we did it.


We first faced a slope that had to be smoothed out, therefore we got some shovels and moved some dirt.


Once the area was level, we used a 2 x 4 to smooth out the area, removing any bumps and dips.


The earth bags require clean dirt, so we cleared out an area free of compost and debris. The dirt is mixed with other components to form our mixture.


Sharon showed us how to use nails to close the side of the earth bags, so that the content would not come out once we compressed the mixture inside the bags.

Laying Down Bags

We laid out the earth bags before we filled them up.

Mixing  Mixture

We used a hoe and a wheelbarrow to mix the dirt and water.We used a 10-1-1 mixture, which is 10 parts dirt to one part water, but we didn’t add the one part concrete.


The mixture would compress but not crumble and not wring like a sponge. Usually, a lower mix of soil is used to water, but our soil mixture required more dirt.

MaggieFilling Bags

We used coffee cans to fill up the bags with our mixture.

Laying Down

After compressing the bags with the mixture, we finalized the earth bag placement.


We were able to get up to two levels, before calling it a day.

Siral Herbe Garden

A big thanks to Sharon for showing us how to use Cal-Earth technology. On a side note, we planted some Kale, squash, and melons in the melon mound and garlic chives with the tomatoes.

SeedlingsCourtesy Jason Carman

04.14.2011 Grow La Victory Garden Initiative Day 3 Videos

Here are four new videos from the Grow La Victory Garden Initiative: