09.03.2013 Garden Raising Meeting September 6th

Business Meeting Friday, September 6th at 2:00 PM
Organic Garden on the Southwest corner of the L (Administration) Building

We need to decide as a club who will be our club officers, a layout plan for the garden, as well as what business we need to accomplish in the following week and assign tasks.

Meeting Map

Seeds Meeting Flier

05.04.2013 Meeting Monday, May 6

We will talk about our club, rebuilding, plans and goals for extended spring semester

Where: Outside the L Bldg. (PCC Organic Garden)
Time: 4 pm
When: Monday, May 6, 2013


10.03.2012 Meeting Friday, Oct. 5

Just a quick reminder that will be having our next meeting, this coming Friday. Last week, we talked about membership, the CSA tour at Muir Ranch in Pasadena, and about the future plans for our club.

The individual who vandalized our garden has not been seen on campus, since the police escorted him off campus (which you could have read about in last week’s newspaper under police blogger).

This week, we will be moving out the trash that left by the vandalism, rebuilding some of the raise beds, and reorganization of the vegetable garden.

Where: Outside the L Bldg. (PCC Organic Garden)
Time: 2 pm
When: Friday, Oct 5, 2012


09.03.2012 First Meeting of Fall

Our first meeting will be Sept. 21, 2012 outside the L Bldg. We will talk about the recent vandalism against our club, rebuilding, plans and goals this semester


06.07.2012 Garden Fridays 06/01/2012 Recap

The red onions are massive and finally the garlic is ready to harvest. A big thanks to everyone who has made our club such a success this semester. Hopefully next semester, we will start with a big harvest.

Krissi and her organic vegetablesMassive PCC Organic Onions

Organic Onions and Garlic
Courtesy Jason Carman

05.12.2012 Garden Fridays 05/11/2012 Recap

We had a beautiful harvest this week of tomatoes, sunflowers, yellow onions, red onions, Swiss Chard, and Kale. Summer will be upon us hopefully with a beautiful harvest to go along with it.

PCC Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Courtesy Jason Carman