05.09.2013 The Garden Progression Part 1

Rocks and Weeds

Wood Covering Coco Grow Blocks

Bags of Old Compost

Air Vent and 3 year old tomato plants

Rocks and Wood Pile

Chalk board and pea trellis

Herb spiral and compost bin

Building materials

View from in garden facing bike racks


New compost leaves in bags

06.07.2012 Garden Fridays 06/01/2012 Recap

The red onions are massive and finally the garlic is ready to harvest. A big thanks to everyone who has made our club such a success this semester. Hopefully next semester, we will start with a big harvest.

Krissi and her organic vegetablesMassive PCC Organic Onions

Organic Onions and Garlic
Courtesy Jason Carman

05.12.2012 Garden Fridays 05/11/2012 Recap

We had a beautiful harvest this week of tomatoes, sunflowers, yellow onions, red onions, Swiss Chard, and Kale. Summer will be upon us hopefully with a beautiful harvest to go along with it.

PCC Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Courtesy Jason Carman

05.06.2012 Garden Fridays 05/04/2012 Recap

The leeks are getting Huge and the tomatoes are turning bright red. We have some beautiful fava beans developing and bees are covering the Borage flowers.

Real Food

PCC Borgare

Organic Fava Beans

04.28.2012 Garden Fridays 04/27/2012 Recap

The weather caused this week’s meeting to be a wash out. Fortunately, the green onions were ready for harvest.

Organic Onions and Kale

PCC Organic Garden
Courtesy Jason Carman

04.07.2012 Garden Fridays 04/06/2012 Recap

While the Office of Student Affairs was going through their storage, they came across a large box of our Club’s items (which have been missing for more than a year and was presumed to have been tossed). Long term active members, were given free t-shirts for their dedication to our club.

We had a big harvest of onions, various varieties of lettuce, kale, and Swiss chard. We even harvested some waxed beans and snap peas.

Our event board is really filling up with the amount of exciting events coming up this semester.

Seeds of Change

Yellow Sunflower

Sofia and Organic Crops

Green Tomates


snap peas

Kale and other greens

the event broad
Courtesy Jason Carman