03.25.2012 Garden Fridays 03/23/2012 Recap

This last Friday, we had our first big massive garden clean out. We removed any overgrown vegetables, trimmed back the tomatoes, and chopped up the organic wheat and fava bean stocks.

Some of the debris from the winter storms, was crushed and composted. The best part was harvesting our Fall crops of Leeks, white onions, red onions, and yellow onions. Soon, we should have some organic garlic to harvest. We even gave away some of our harvest to staff workers in the L and CC Buildings.

Breaking down the old crops

Organic Red Tomato

Fava Beans and wheat

Big Sunflower

Fall Crops Clean-up

Fall Leeks

Leaf cleanup

Dennis and Cherry Tomatoes

Red, Whilte and Yellow Onions

Good Will

PCC Organic Garden
Courtesy Jason Carman

03.18.2012 Garden Fridays 03/16/2012 Recap

This week, we talked about the current projects in the organic vegetable garden and the ways sustainability fits into Pasadena City College. We walked over to the cactus garden and removed a significant amount of weeds, that plagued the garden. Thank you to all the seeds members that helped out.

PCC Organic Garden

Geology Cactus Garden
Courtesy Jason Carman

03.10.2012 Garden Fridays 03/09/2012 Recap

We had our first Spring clean-up and general meeting. During the meeting, we saw a rare sight, a bee swarm land a few feet away form us.

Garden Cleanup

LeekPCC Leeks


PCC Bee Swarm
Courtesy Jason Carman

02.05.2012 Organic Garden 02/03/2012

Pasadena City College’s Organic Garden is full of life. The leeks that we transplanted in October are huge. The vines on our trellis are full of snap peas and beans. We have sunflowers blooming, heads of Amish Deer Tongue, and vines full of tomatoes (we are growing tomatoes in winter). The Swiss Chard are healthy.

Also, check the photo of our first batch of compost.

Organic Leeks

Orgnaic Snap Peas

MarigoldsOrganic Wheat

Amish Deer Tongue

Organic Fava BeansBorage Flowers

Organic Swiss Chard

Sunflower Blossom

Green Tomatoes in Winter

PCC Compost
Courtesy Jason Carman

01.13.2012 Jan. Organic Garden Update

The PCC Organic Garden is green and full of life. The sunflowers are back and the leeks are huge. Check it out:

Winter in the Organic Garden

Sunflowers and Marigolds

Organic Leeks

Courtesy Jason Carman

12.10.2011 Garden Fridays 12/09/2011 Recap

We continued our work on the herb spiral and the mess left by the wind storm. The organic garden is looking better with age and soon we will be planting seedling in the herb spiral.

Tim Martinez

Mixing earth and cement

Organic Food

Herb Spiral Garden Group Shot

Herb Spiral
Courtesy Jason Carman