03.23.2012 PCC Master Plan Recap

The master plan meeting focused on sustainability and the methods that we can use to improve the PCC campus. We had two great study sessions, where students, faculty, and staff members provided in depth and well thought out input on the ways that we can go green.

The main topics covered were:

  • improved bike storage
  • increased accessibility
  • encouraging other modes of transportation
  • traffic reduction
  • waste reduction
  • composting
  • power generation
  • water conservation
  • smarter/efficient buildings
  • natural light/sky lights
  • building design
  • food services
  • rain gardens
  • grey water systems
  • rain captured devices
  • reduction of turf, drought resistant species
  • California native plants
  • public transportation
  • rooftop gardening
  • and of course expanded campus edible gardens with academic components.

Everyone was terrific and the input was well received by the facilities administration. Follow up sessions will be announced.

Introductory to Sustainability at PCC

PCC Sustainability Projects

PCC Students Input

In Depth Student Involvement

Input on Sustainability
Courtesy Jason Carman

03.12.2012 Pasadena General Plan

The city of Pasadena had a great turn out at PCC. They were actually overwhelmed by the interest in sustainability issues and improvements. One of the main themes was the need for more bike lanes and better flow for alternative transportation.

Several individuals wanted more green space and expressed desire for community gardens.Unfortunately, the city suggested temporary green space that would be later developed into condos/stores.

Also, there was a suggestion to create electric street cars/buses for better public transportation. The other problem expressed was that there traffic study showed that the average resident made 10 trips per day. There was a suggestion to decrease the amount of free parking spaces to encourage residents to walk or bike.

Another issue was the changes in sustainability policy would only apply to new growth and the city of Pasadena is not interested in redevelopment.

Introduction to Pasadena Master Plan


Urban Design

Mobility Plan


Sustainability Ideas and Improvements Courtesy Jason Carman

01.17.2012 Paul Stamets: Mushrooms

01.01.2012 Happy New Years

Happy New Year! Here is a 2 minute video on simple tips on moving toward a sustainable means of living:

12.30.2011 Zero Waste Pasadena

The city of Pasadena is hosting a zero waste community meeting.

Pasadena wants to hear feedback from you on the plan to become a zero waste city by 2040. This means that waste output shall be reduced by 90 percent and affects all aspects of life in Pasadena.

We can not stress enough how important this meeting is to all of us. Please come to voice your comments and concerns.

This is a zero waste event, bring your own beverage container!

When: Thursday, February 2, 2012
Where: Pasadena Central Library
285 E. Walnut
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm

For more information call 626 744-4721

Zero Waste Pasadena
Courtesy Pasadena Public Works

12.20.2011 2011 Arroyo Verde Awards

We are honored to accept this year’s Arroyo Verde Award for Greening the Arroyo - Organization. Congratulation to all the recipients of this year’s award.

  • Advocacy
    • Laura Garrett of Pasadena Audubon
  • Greening the Arroyo - Agency
    • US Army Corps of Engineers for the Arroyo Seco Ecosystem Study
  • Greening the Arroyo - Organization
    • Pasadena City College Seeds of Change Club
  • Greening the Arroyo - Business
    • KCET Departures
  • Volunteer
    • Tim Martinez
  • Citizen Activist
    • Mary Barrie
  • Special Award
    • Denis Callet

Read more at http://www.arroyoseco.org/avawards2011.htm

Arroyo Verde Awards


Tim Brick

Tim Martinez

Arroyo Verde Award to Seeds
Courtesy Jason Carman