10.02.2012 Muir Ranch CSA

If you missed this last week’s tour of a working CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in Pasadena.They showed us around their 3 acre farm, in the middle of a high school.

08.31.2012 Garden Vandalism

Our organic vegetable garden, was a victim of vandalism, hit twice in the last few weeks. If anyone sees anyone in the organic garden, especially on Mondays, please contact campus police at 626-585-7484.

We have identified the suspect and we are working with the police department.

So far the damage consists of missing items such as tools, signs and garden supplies; all the beds are completely missing; destruction of our drip irrigation system; contamination of a thousand dollars worth of compost; produce loss, and several hundred plants.


Destroyed Vegetable Garden

Destroyed Beds


Organic Garden

07.15.2012 Vandana Shiva and GMOs

06.07.2012 Garden Fridays 06/01/2012 Recap

The red onions are massive and finally the garlic is ready to harvest. A big thanks to everyone who has made our club such a success this semester. Hopefully next semester, we will start with a big harvest.

Krissi and her organic vegetablesMassive PCC Organic Onions

Organic Onions and Garlic
Courtesy Jason Carman

05.26.2012 Permaculture Garden Cleanup

We had some wonderful help from Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) this week with our Permaculture garden. We gave a presentation a few weeks back to AGS’s members, on the benefits that the gardens on campus bring to the campus, its students and the community. AGS made it an official volunteer opportunity.

A big thanks to everyone in AGS that helped with our clean up.

AGS and Seeds

pulling weeds

AGS Members Pulling Weeds

Newest Seeds Memeber Pulling WeedsWeeds all over the permaculture garden

Beautiful PCC's Permaculture Garden

AGS's Army of Members

Bermuda Grass and Other Non Natives
Courtesy Jason Carman

05.12.2012 Garden Fridays 05/11/2012 Recap

We had a beautiful harvest this week of tomatoes, sunflowers, yellow onions, red onions, Swiss Chard, and Kale. Summer will be upon us hopefully with a beautiful harvest to go along with it.

PCC Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Courtesy Jason Carman