05.11.2012 Food Forward

05.06.2012 Garden Fridays 05/04/2012 Recap

The leeks are getting Huge and the tomatoes are turning bright red. We have some beautiful fava beans developing and bees are covering the Borage flowers.

Real Food

PCC Borgare

Organic Fava Beans

04.28.2012 Garden Fridays 04/27/2012 Recap

The weather caused this week’s meeting to be a wash out. Fortunately, the green onions were ready for harvest.

Organic Onions and Kale

PCC Organic Garden
Courtesy Jason Carman

04.07.2012 Garden Fridays 04/06/2012 Recap

While the Office of Student Affairs was going through their storage, they came across a large box of our Club’s items (which have been missing for more than a year and was presumed to have been tossed). Long term active members, were given free t-shirts for their dedication to our club.

We had a big harvest of onions, various varieties of lettuce, kale, and Swiss chard. We even harvested some waxed beans and snap peas.

Our event board is really filling up with the amount of exciting events coming up this semester.

Seeds of Change

Yellow Sunflower

Sofia and Organic Crops

Green Tomates


snap peas

Kale and other greens

the event broad
Courtesy Jason Carman

03.28.2012 NELA Transition Garden Work Party

Sunday, April 1, 9am to 12pm
NELA Transition Learning Garden Work Party

No joke! Have fun while doing meaningful work & learning new skills with a resilient community.

This is the continuation of the transformation of the lawn at the corner of Los Robles and Del Mar into a permaculture garden. When complete It will include a food garden, drought tolerant area, methods of water harvesting, low terraces built with broken concrete, fruit trees, plants that attract beneficial insects and places to gather or sit.

Thanks again to all who have participated to make bring this garden to life.

This week we continue to plant in the various garden zones. Our emphasis will be on the urbanite terrace wall and beginning work on the raised bed vegetable garden.

Check out our progress & photos at: http://nela-transition.wikispaces.com/Throop+Learning+Garden
Contact people@nelatransition.org for more information. 

Throop Church
300 S Los Robles Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101

Contact day of event: January 626.840.9375

Source: nela-tran​sition-gar​den “Reminder: NELA Transition​/Throop Learning Garden Work Party– Sunday April 1– 9am-12pm” email to Seeds. 22 Mar. 2012

03.25.2012 Garden Fridays 03/23/2012 Recap

This last Friday, we had our first big massive garden clean out. We removed any overgrown vegetables, trimmed back the tomatoes, and chopped up the organic wheat and fava bean stocks.

Some of the debris from the winter storms, was crushed and composted. The best part was harvesting our Fall crops of Leeks, white onions, red onions, and yellow onions. Soon, we should have some organic garlic to harvest. We even gave away some of our harvest to staff workers in the L and CC Buildings.

Breaking down the old crops

Organic Red Tomato

Fava Beans and wheat

Big Sunflower

Fall Crops Clean-up

Fall Leeks

Leaf cleanup

Dennis and Cherry Tomatoes

Red, Whilte and Yellow Onions

Good Will

PCC Organic Garden
Courtesy Jason Carman